The Finnish Mission Council as Christ's ambassador in the world

The Finnish Mission Council (FMC) was established in 1919 in order to be a joint co-operative organ for the Finnish missionary societies. It consists of 31 member organizations including Lutheran, free church, orthodox church and interdenominational organizations.

According to the statistics gathered by the FMC there were about 750 Finnish missionaries by the end of 2010 working in about 70 countries.

In October 1998 a large mission consultation "The Future of the Missions" was arranged. It gathereded for the first time e.g. Pentecostal and Orthodox representatives together with the Lutherans. In August 3-6, 2006, the first ecumenical youth mission conference was arrangded with the title "Mission of Your Life".  "The Trans4mission08" , the first mission conference for the young adults, was arranged in Helsinki in Oct. 24-26, 2008 .  The second mission consultation took place in November 18, 2008 in Helsinki.

The Finnish Mission Council celebrated its 90-year excistence in November 8, 2009 in the Mission Church (Tähtitorninkatu 18, Helsinki).


The Finnish Mission Council
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